About Rose Coloured Theatre

Rose Coloured Theatre is a production company founded by Romi Shraiter and Salem Currie. The two met and became fast friends during their time at The National Theatre School of Canada. They quickly realized that their artistic goals were similar: to create work that is messy and unromantic. More than that, their connection embodies a working relationship that goes beyond art: Romi, with an incredible organizational eye, and Currie with one for communication. The two hope to continue fostering their love for complicated and compelling theatre, while affording new and emerging artists with a multitude of opportunities to shine.

Illustration by Anne Cairns

We are a grass-roots, feminist theatre company, focused on creating work that embodies and discusses lived experience of misogyny and the complex nature of relationships. Founded in Montreal, Rose Coloured Theatre is transient, creating work to represent the broad strokes of the millennial Canadian experience. We are passionate about exploring the messy and complicated aspects of being a young person right now, and strive to hold space for a variety of young artists as they discover themselves.

At Rose Coloured Theatre, we believe in two basic guiding principles: romance and redistribution. Both these terms apply to our art, and the way we run our company. We are passionate about dismantling the heteronormative and mysoginistic stories that have been embedded into us through theatre, song, dance, and film. It is pertinent we create an environment for young artists to explore their learned concepts of love in a space they feel welcomed and supported.

Furthermore, we want to offer opportunities for young artists to be paid for their efforts, as opposed to results. As we’re fostering a space for exploration, we want to instil in our collaborators that their effort and ethics are valued above product. Rose Coloured Theatre is anti-gatekeeping: we want to create opportunities to experiment, grow, and sometimes even fail.

We are constantly looking for new ways to engage with our communities, both locally and globally, as well as constantly looking for new opportunities to learn. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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