Just Pervs – Co Production with Perverted Assemblages

Just Pervs at the Toronto Fringe Festival July 21 – August 15, 2021.

Based on Jess Taylor’s short story, and adapted to the stage by Reid Millar, Just Pervs centres around a group of girls who form a union of “pervs” within their high school. As they come of age, they drift apart until the death of a friend forces them back together to deal with questions of grief, liberation, and female sexuality.

Just Pervs is a fierce and messy story of unraveling one’s grief, piecing together the memories which shape us, and coming to terms with one’s own worst enemy, themselves. At times it’s a beautiful story of friendship and resilience through play and make-believe. At others, it’s the earth shattering realization that our relationships with one another are the most important gifts we have. All of which can be gritty and beautiful and messy all at once.”
– Giulia Pittiglio, Co-Director

“In order to create this unique world, we pulled inspiration from art that toyed with the boundaries of cinema and theatricality. This included Daisies by Vera Chiytilova, The Colour of Pomegranates by Sergei Parajanov, and even some Lady Gaga music videos. We’ve created a show that explores the agency that is required to reconjure our pasts in order to create new futures. I’m so proud of our team for making strong choices and creating something that has a spark!”
– Davinder Malhi, Co-Director

Reviews and Mentions


Sanskruti Marathe (she/they)


Sanskruti is an Indo Canadian Queer creator. She takes pride in spreading her culture and humour through art. She has graduated with a BFA from York University’s Acting conservatory and has been training in Indian Classical and Folk dance forms for the past seventeen years. Her work focuses on fusing Indian classical theatre traditions (Bharatnatyam, Folk dances, Natyashastra, Nautanki/Tamasha) with Euro-centric theatre forms to inform diverse BIPOC narratives that speak to this current cultural moment of radical awakening. 

Cassandra Henry (she/her)


Cassandra is a fifth year student at York University. She has recently completed her theatre degree along with her fellow members of the Perverted Assemblages collective, and is currently working as one of the Research Assistants for the Chair of the Theatre Department Marlis Schweitzer, as well as National Student Recruitment Ambassador at York U. She is extremely passionate about acting, singing, holistic/energy healing and linguistics, as well as working with and helping children. She aims to research, experience, participate in and create art that showcases a diverse, creative, joyful and professional community. As well as helping others heal from generational trauma and traumatic situations through the practice of holistic and energy healing.

Jahnelle Jones (she/her)


Jahnelle is a Toronto based interdisciplinary Black female artist who was born and raised in Scarborough. During her teens Jahnelle was lucky to attend training programs with companies like Tarragon Theatre, Paprika Festival, Driftwood Theatre, and Shakespeare in the Ruff. Those programs helped to instill Jahnelle’s love of the Toronto theatre community and her interest in the role the new generation of theatre artists can have in the community. Jahnelle is a graduate of the Theatre and Drama Studies Specialist program at UofT and Sheridan College. Most recently she was in the Extended Cohort of the 2021 Tarragon Theatre Young Playwrights Unit and she is a current member of the 2021/2022 Nightwood Innovators. Some of her recent theatre credits include: Towards Rebirth, Portia’s Julius Caesar (Shakespeare in the Ruff), The Hobbit, The Glove Thief, We the People, Henry IV (Theatre Erindale), Blacklisted, 13 Times When (Paprika Festival). 

Millie Herridge (she/her)


Millie is a Saskatechewan-raised, Toronto-based actor and writer, and a graduate of York University’s BFA Acting Conservatory Program. Recent acting credits include Elizabeth Rex directed by ted witzel (Theatre@York, 2020), Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) directed by Jennifer Tarver (Theatre@York, 2019), and of course, Just Pervs directed by Davinder Malhi and Giulia Pittiglio (Perverted Assemblages, 2021). 

Creative and Production Team

Jess Taylor (she/her)


Jess is a Tkaronto (Toronto) writer and poet. Her second collection, Just Pervs, was released by Book*hug in Canada in September 2019. Recently, Just Pervs was a finalist for the 2020 Lambda Literary Award in Bisexual Fiction. A short story from that collection, “Two Sex Addicts Fall in Love”, was long-listed for The Journey Prize and included in The Journey Prize Anthology 30. The title story from her first collection, Pauls (BookThug, 2015), “Paul,” received the 2013 Gold Fiction National Magazine Award. Jess believes that collaboration and helping other writers is an important part of her writing practice. She is currently working on a novel, Play, a continuation of her life poem, Never Stop, and dreaming up other projects.

Reid Millar (he/him)

Adapter/Stage Manager

Reid is a theatre artist and musician from Toronto, Ontario. He is a graduate of York University’s Acting Conservatory (Class of 2020), and a founding member of Perverted Assemblages Collective. Some of his recent theatre credits include Just Pervs (Perverted Assemblages/Toronto Fringe, 2021), Cyber Hunk (No School Productions, 2020) Elizabeth Rex (Theatre@York, 2020), An Orchid and Other Such Lilies and Lies (BodyCube/Toronto Fringe Festival, 2019), Love and Information (Canadian Stage, 2017/2018), and That’s So Meta! (Paprika Festival, 2015). Reid was also a member of the 2021 Crane Creations Acting Summer Ensemble, and has participated in playwriting classes from Tarragon Theatre’sEducation department and U of T’s Continuing Studies Program. Since his teen years Reid has been an active member of Toronto’s DIY music scene, playing in notable bands such as BBQ Pope and Cloudage. From 2018-2020 he also curated his own music festival Trapdoor Fest, leading to collaborations with arts series’ Long Winter and Insomniac Film Festival

Giulia Pittiglio (she/her)


Giulia is learning about herself and all the things she can be in her post-graduate, pandemic-ridden, upside-down world, and she’s just starting to get the hang of it. Giulia studied as an actor at York University, has recently started her journey as a director and film-actor, and has been continuing her journey during the pandemic as a book-binder, a writer, and a mover.

Davinder Malhi (he/they)


Davinder is an actor, playwright, and a recent graduate from York University’s Acting Conservatory. His art explores the meeting place between realism and surrealism, with a special focus on bringing Queer bodies into that space. He hopes to use his process to foster communities that work towards a Brown Queer future. Recent credits include rihannaboi95 (Young People’s Theatre), Towards Rebirth (Shakespeare in the Ruff), Elizabeth Rex (York University), Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) (York University), and Concord Floral (Canadian Stage).

Romi Shraiter (she/her)


Romi is the cofounder and artistic director of Rose Coloured Theatre. Recently graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada’s Acting program, Romi is based in Tkaronto/Toronto working as an actor, producer and dramaturge.

Anaiah LeBreton (he/they)

Sound/Creative Designer

Anaiah is an upcoming graduate from UofT in archaeology. He is a visual and musical artist whose art explores queerness, spirituality, suffering, and representation. Just Pervs was his first debut as a sound designer.

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