Onscreen/Backstage – A Collaborative Series with Femme Fatale

We’re so excited to launch the 2022 season of Onscreen/Backstage, our collaborative series with Femme Fatale; a non-profit organization, founded in 2018 as a space for young femme and non-binary filmmakers to share their work on the big screen. 

Each month we will screen a film by a femme or non-binary filmmaker online, followed by a discussion with the audience. Our goal is to create a space to chat, connect, network and inspire one another!

Stay tuned and follow along on Instagram @femmefatalefilmfestival and @rosecolouredtheatre, and on Facebook for more details!

Upcoming Screenings

We’re so excited to share our incredible lineup of guests for the 2022 season of Onscreen/Backstage with you! Find more information on our guests below…

January 28, 2022: Just Pervs by Perverted Assemblages Collective

Based on Jess Taylor’s short story, and adapted to the stage by Reid Millar, Just Pervs centres around a group of girls who form a union of “pervs” within their high school. As they come of age, they drift apart until the death of a friend forces them back together to deal with questions of grief, liberation, and female sexuality.

The cast and crew of the Just Pervs will be joining us to discuss this piece. Learn more about the team here!

Playwright/Stage Manager: Reid Millar
Directors: Giulia Pittliglio, Davinder Malhi
Cast: Sanskruti Marathe, Cassandra Henry, Jahnelle Jones, Millie Herridge
Sound Design: Anaiah LeBretton
Dramaturg/Co-Producer: Romi Shraiter

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February 26th, 2022: Ghost City by Jaiden Dal Bello

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Ghost City is set in a fantasy world that exists only in black and white. It’s a claustrophobic city, where everybody knows each other and nothing ever changes. Across the bridge is the rest of the world in colour, but few make it out. Jaime, a young woman who has, seeks a psychic for advice about her best friend Vic, a drug addict, who’s still on the other side.

Jaiden Dal Bello (she/they) is a filmmaker and writer from Toronto. Ever since Jaiden was a child, storytelling served as the ultimate translator from her brain circuits to the rest of the world. Her keen eye was cemented at an early age through her love for filmmakers such as Tim Burton, Harmony Korine, and Guillermo Del Toro. Jaiden recycles raw, real-life experiences into dark, surreal worlds loaded with clever social commentary. She delicately weaves together cathartic feelings and memories, in order to describe the indescribable. Her internal processing differs from the norm and defies gender binaries. Unique perspectives are vital to making the world a better place and Jaiden’s work is no exception.  

March 25th, 2022: Reverence by Teaunna Gray

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While digging deep into the city’s past, we challenge what findings are held in reverence. For three days in September 1851, The St. Lawrence Hall in Toronto was the site of the largest anti-slavery convention in history. On the heels of slavery being abolished in the states and 20 years after its end in Canada, Black leaders and educators joined to discuss one question: “What is the future of Black People in North America?”

Teaunna Gray (she/her) is an Afro-Indigenous Director & Film Photographer based in Toronto. She started her career as a curator in her home city which gained traction following each successful exhibit. The group art shows Teaunna produces are held as a way to not only give under-represented artists platforms, but includes give-back to community organizations globally. Through visual storytelling, she will continue developing unique stories that are made even stronger coming from her genuine and multi-cultural point of view. The inclusion of womxn, people of colour and the Deaf community impact the work she creates and collaborators she chooses to work with. In her free time, you can find Teaunna bidding for vintage on eBay and working freelance as an interior designer and stylist through her small business sunday afternoon.

April 29th, 2022: Periphery by Sara Yacobi-Harris

Periphery is an evocative short documentary that explores ethnic diversity in the Jewish community in Canada through dance, poetry, and personal narratives. Following 10 Jews of Black/African, Korean, Iraqi, Indian, and South American ancestry, the film challenges perceptions of who is a Jew, exploring ideas of representation, intersectionality, race, and sexuality. Periphery invites us to appreciate the richness of Jewish identity and cultural expression while also illustrating what it feels like to grapple with a sense of belonging and to seek recognition within one’s own ethnic community.

Sara Yacobi-Harris (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, media professional and community organizer. Sara has been making films since 2016 with a particular interest in exploring and capturing intersectional identity and belonging using spoken word, movement and dance as forms of expression. Sara has worked at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and CBC’s unscripted department. She holds a Masters of Education (M.Ed) in Social Justice Education from the University of Toronto.

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Past Screenings

Wash Day (2020)

Kourtney Jackson

July 16th 2021

The Dream Thief (2020)

Camden Abdull

May 29th 2021

Our Team

Romi Shraiter (she/her)

Series Director/Producer

Romi is the cofounder and artistic director of Rose Coloured Theatre. Recently graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada’s Acting program, Romi is based in Tkaronto/Toronto working as an actor, producer and dramaturge.

Astrid Mohr (she/her)

Series Director/Designer

Astrid is the Founder and Festival Director of the Femme Fatale Film Festival. She is a Tkaronto/Toronto based baker, filmmaker and organizer and is very excited to be working again with Rose Coloured Theatre on this screening series!

Caitlin Farley (she/her)

Livestream Coordinator/Technical Director

Caitlin is a recent graduate from the National Theatre School of Canada for Theatre Production, Design, & Technical Arts. Since graduating Caitlin has had the privilege of working at the Toronto Fringe for Livestream/Technical Direction. She is excited and honoured to work with Rose Coloured Theatre and Femme Fatale in the new year with so many talented, amazing artists!

Ava Young (she/her)

Event Coordinator

Ava Is a Tkaronto/Toronto based filmmaker and Creative Industries student at X University. She’s excited to be returning as the event coordinator for Femme Fatale Film Festival this year. 

Government and Program Support

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